Mark Edwards has been playing and singing music almost all of his life. As an eight-year-old he was a drummer in his family’s band, the “Singing Edwards.” With his family, Mark spent 10 years criss-crossing the nation while playing country gospel music in community halls, prisons, parks, seniors' homes, parking lots, Mennonite churches, school auditoriums, and on ferry boats. The family recorded a number of full length albums and sold everything from 8 tracks to CDs.

When he turned sixteen, Mark started writing his own music and taking his own musical journey. He has appeared multiple times on TV, played on radio stations from east to west, and has performed in a variety of gospel groups and bands. It has only been in the last few years that Mark has moved outside of the gospel field and branched out to mainstream music.

Mark’s music speaks of life’s ups and downs. He has turned his thoughts to family, love, relationships and how we deal with the problems that are common to the human condition. His moto for the music that he plays is “Real Life, Real Music.” Mark explains, “I think that’s why I'm drawn to country and the blues. I enjoy a well-told story and the experience of "feeling" what I’m singing about. As is the case with most people, life has thrown me a few curve balls along with a few ups and downs. It’s always tough at the time, dealing with problems, but hey, I did write some good songs out of it all.”

When you ask Mark which of the groups that he was in were his favourites, he just smiles. “Of all the bands I played with, my favorite would be the times I got to play alongside my children, Melissa (vocals), Daniel (drums), and Jonathan (bass). I haven’t done it too often, but playing with your children is a special thing.”

In addition to recording in the studio and playing solo, Mark is performing live music frequently with his daughter, Melissa Whalen. They appear locally as a vocal duo named "Memory Lane" in the Peterborough and Havelock, Ontario area. They are available to venues looking to book live music talent. In 2016 they recorded their first album, “Love Stories.”

Mark continues to play and write music that is honest and real. Like the best country songs, his music connects with his fans on a personal and emotional level. He writes and sings songs that talk about real life, as experienced by him and those he is close to. All of his songs are based on actual people and events. You can’t keep it any more real than that.